Shayanna Jenkins biography
Birth date29 May 1989
Full nameShayanna Jenkins
Kind of activityblogger
Height168 cm
Weight64 kg
Marital statusmarried
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Shayanna Jenkins is a TV presenter and blogger who became famous thanks to her ex-husband, Aaron Hernandez, who was an NFL player before Odin Lloyd’s murder conviction. Years later, the woman leads a normal life, started a family with another man, raises two daughters, tries to earn money for their happy future. She has a difficult relationship with her sister. This person has a complex but interesting biography, in which there are a lot of controversial points. Oil was added to the fire by the producers of Netflix, who became interested in the tragic fate of the woman and her family.

Biography and Wiki

Shayanna comes from a simple Bristol family (Connecticut). She was born on May 29, 1989. Since childhood, she was quite close to her sister Shaneah. She also has a half-sister named Ontavia Samuel, but there is too little reliable information about her.

When Shayanna was a schoolgirl her family moved to Bristol, Massachusetts. There she graduated from high school. During her studies, the girl was engaged in athletics and showed very good results.

In the late 1990s, she met a neighbor’s boyfriend. It turned out to be Aaron Hernandez, who was an aspiring footballer. They developed a warm relationship, which after a few years grew into very close communication, marriage and the birth of a child. A lot has been written about love stories. The reason for this was the crime that Aaron committed as an already established football star.

Shayanna Jenkins bio

During a successful football career, Shayanna could not deny herself anything. The couple moved into a luxurious $1.5 million home. She didn’t have to worry about a career. She went clubbing with her younger sister. Later she raised a child. Relations with her husband were not ideal, but she did not want to end the relationship.

In 2013, Jenkins’ biography took a dramatic turn. Aaron killed her sister’s boyfriend. A long and loud lawsuit led to the fact that the football player said goodbye to freedom and went to prison, where he later committed suicide.

The details of this story are told in sufficient detail in several documentaries, including from Netflix. The Shayanna and Aaron series has been a success on the streaming platform.

Shayanna Jenkins and Dino Guilmette

Shayanna Jenkins and Dino Guilmette

Shayanna started a new relationship around 2014 (the exact date is not publicly available). A little later, her daughter was born. There was a lot of controversy about who the father of the new baby was, but Jenkins put a stop to the rumors by announcing a relationship with Dino Guilmette. This man tried himself as a model, businessman and even a boxer. He has many areas of interest, but in none he has achieved decisive success. Now he runs his own business and is a simple American man who supports his family.

Net Worth

Shayanna Jenkins received a fair amount of property and money after the tragic death of her ex-husband. She made at least $1 million from the sale of his assets. Now her Net Worth hardly exceeds this amount. The woman dedicated her life to her family and children. Her blog on Instagram brings her a small income. Together with her husband, she earns the average American salary. This is enough for a decent life. She definitely has a reserve of funds for a good education for her daughters.

Shayanna Jenkins now

Shayanna Jenkins Now

Shayanna continues her family life with Dino (you can easily find out about this from her Instagram). His relationship with his sister remains unknown. They had a serious conflict, but now the situation may change.

The woman is blogging. Based on her Instagram profile description, she now lives near Providence, Rhode Island. Blog’s popularity was helped by the adaptation of her story. She received a hefty payout from Netflix, but the parties are not allowed to disclose the exact data on the basis of a non-disclosure agreement.