Sistine Stallone's daughter
Birth date27 June 1996
Full nameSistine Rose Stallone
Kind of activitymodel, actress
Height175 cm
Marital statussingle
Social networks

Sistine Stallone is a successful American model and actress. He is world famous thanks to the name of his father – Hollywood actor, screenwriter, Oscar nominee Sylvester Stallone.

Biography and career of Sistine Stallone

The middle daughter of the legendary Rambo was born on June 28, 1998. The family of the eminent actor and successful model Jennifer Flavin already had an eldest daughter, Sofia. Later, the youngest Scarlet was born. Star parents tried very hard to keep their children away from the spotlight. The girls were focused on their studies. Only towards the end of adolescence, Sistine began a long journey into the media space.

Initially, the girl went the beaten path of her mother. Jennifer taught her daughter to defile, to properly present herself on the catwalk and photo shoots. Mom passed on the experience of matching images and changing personalities during a model incarnation. At the age of 17, Sistine joins the ranks of the models of the major agency IMG. It is followed by collaboration with high fashion houses – Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana. The big debut took place in 2017 at London Fashion Week.

Sistine Stallone biographySistine Stallone with sisters

The new fashion star is rapidly gaining momentum. In parallel, the number of fans of her Instagram is growing. Here she pleases with charming photos taken for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Sistine conquers the world of fashion, starring in very frank advertising campaigns. Hollywood project Advent Love Magazine invites the star to shoot for the 2018 calendar, where she appears in lingerie from the brand Marc Jacobs.

The modeling business forces Stallone’s second daughter to spend 1 year in New York away from loved ones. After active work, she returns to Los Angeles and decides to enter the University of Southern California. However, a year later, Sistine begins the development of a film career.

Stallone’s daughter: Sistine’s first steps in her father’s footsteps

At first, the girl doubted that she would succeed in her biography in the direction of the film industry as well as fashion. Then I felt something from my father in myself and realized that I had to try. The average heiress of the great Rocky at the age of 20 goes to Build Studio. There she successfully passes the audition for one of the main roles for the continuation of the horror film “The Blue Abyss”.

Sistine Stallone cinemaThe role of Sistine in the film “The Blue Abyss”

The young actress responsibly prepares for filming – she works with diving coaches, learns to restrain herself while being under water. The director of the second part of the thriller with sharks was surprised by the dedication of the girl. She, like her father, abandoned understudies and performed dangerous stunts on her own – she jumped from a high cliff into the abyss. The Blue Abyss 2 was Sistine’s first feature-length project, where she played the role of Nicole. Before him, the girl played only herself in TV shows and sketches. The film was released on August 5, 2019. At the premiere, the newly minted actress was accompanied by the whole family.

Sistine Rose Stallone: ​​rumors around her personal life

All American publications are guessing about the presence of any relationship with the opposite sex. Sistine has not only seductive forms, but also inherited the languid shape of her father’s eyes. The star daughter is called one of the most enviable brides in show business. But the model and actress herself, under the age of 21, did not give a single chance to the paparazzi to convict her romantic relationships. Although rumors are still brewing inside close secular circles.

As for the Instagram profile, the girl also does not allow publications in the company with men. Young guys are seen only in promotional photos of a popular model.

What is Stallone’s most beautiful daughter doing now?

The network has not yet received information about the continuation of the acting biography. After her debut, Sistine described her condition as follows: “It was a fun test, and in the end I fell in love with the profession.” Therefore, fans are waiting for new films from the charming actress.

Sistine Stallone photo

The model continues to attend events and social events. Often with dad, as evidenced by regular photos on the social network. In addition, Sistine visits dad on his set. February 2020 made the press start up and highlight the successful shot posted on the actor’s Instagram. The public was happy to see Sylvester in disguise with his middle daughter on the set of the new film Samaritan.

The star daughter continues to fill her page on the network with graceful shots. In most of the photos, the girl is in lingerie, transparent tops and swimsuits. And more than 1.3 million subscribers are waiting for only one thing – when the applicant for the role of the second half of Sistine Stallone will appear, and who it will be.