Slava Marlow bio
Birth date27 October 1999
Full nameArtem Artemovich Gotlib
Kind of activitysound producer, singer
Height169 cm
Weight59 kg
Marital statussingle
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Slava Marlow (Merlow) – musician, beatmaker. Known for hit tracks for rapper Morgenstern, especially popular as the author of snippets for Tik Tok videos.

Biography: how old is Slava Marlow

The musician, gaining frenzied fame in 2020, hails from Novosibirsk. Born in October 1999, on the 27th, and, remarkably, grew up in the Oktyabrsky district of the city. An important role in the development of musical taste was played by parents who often listened to music – from classical to chanson. Slava is still not shy about talking about his favorite preferences – Sting, The Beatles and Mikhail Krug. As a child, he began attending a music school, where he mastered the piano and saxophone.

In 2014, the parents of the future music producer promised to allocate funds for the purchase of a computer for good academic results. Only the impending crisis shifted the realization of the dream by 2 years. In 2016, Marlow officially became a video blogger on YouTube. This is where his career began – videos about writing music, anime, various features and reviews. Immediately, subscribers will find out the data about the program in which Slava Marlow makes beats and rocking tracks. For about a year now, a clip dedicated to the blogger Gena Gorin with the author’s song of the musician has been posted on the front page.

Slava Marlow

Some sources on the network, when describing the biography of Slava, indicate that his real name is Marlov. However, the reliability of this information has not been confirmed. In October 2020, the artist told subscribers his real name – Artem Artemovich Gotlib. In addition to the stage name Marlow, there are also nicknames under which the musician released his tracks. For example, “Manny” or “Malchugeng” are all beatmaker projects.

Morgenshtern’s Beatmaker: “Slava what did you do”

After moving to St. Petersburg, Marlow began to make noticeable progress. In 2019, he met Alisher Valeev, who experimented with success in music: writing a song in 5 minutes with the title and releasing an album in a week, which went down in history as “Legendary Dust”. Already at the beginning of 2020, they visited Ivan Urgant’s show, where, in addition to recording a rap track, Slava managed to spend time with her grandmother – this spectacle was a particularly sweet moment.

Rapper Morgenshtern has become not just an employee, but also a true friend – in the summer of 2020, Marlow already lives in a common rented house in Moscow, which is called the “trap house”. The beatmaker created real “cannon” bases for Alisher’s hits: “Jung Hefner”, “Ate Grandfather” and “Ratatata”. The last track that shot was a fit with LJ under the name “Cadillac”. It was after the wide rotation of this song with the author’s insert “Glory for what you did” about the musician that even the spread of people from musical production was discovered.

Slava Marlow photo

Slava Marlowe was immediately invited to an interview at Forbes, where he spoke in sufficient detail about his biography and such a short but successful path. Aspiring composers dream of finding a real leak of his secret dream kit, and in the meantime he called Timati himself to the fit. In addition to cooperation with the country’s leading rappers, Slava releases her own compositions – “Crazy”, “No Problem” and of course “Tik Tok Challenge”. The latter cannot even be called a song – it is a snippet for recording a video of a typical tiktoker, which is best known by the words “That’s how I can”.

Slava Marlow: does he have a girlfriend

A young and talented guy from Siberia so far does not even mention personal relationships with the opposite sex. He clearly lacks the attention of girls, judging by his friendship with Morgenstern. Calm, natural and simple, Slava quickly became a ficbook fanfiction hero and is a modern-day idol.

Slava Marlow photo

Marlow is engaged in music around the clock – he sleeps little, earns a lot. In addition to income from the YouTube channel and 30% of the production, he also receives money from his own beat-writing courses. He spent the first millions on a business-class car, which he purchased before obtaining a driver’s license.

Slava Marlow now

Marlow’s last author’s release was the track “You’re a fool, I’m sorry”, and in August 2020, together with Morgenshtern, he held a big competition on YouTube. The beatmaker provided an acapella for his song “Crazy”, which free musicians were to remix. The best options received cash prizes. In early autumn, the presentation of the main hit of the Russian rap industry is expected – the work of Morgenstern and Timati.

More than 1.2 million users follow Slava’s work on YouTube, 620 thousand on Instagram. Marlowe wants nothing but great musical achievements, high-quality equipment for explosive dream kits and further development. He is a true fanatic of his work.