Tatyana Subbotina: biography
Birth date8 July 1966
Full nameTatyana Subbotina
Kind of activityblogger
Marital statusmarried
Social networks

Tatyana Subbotina is a Russian video blogger. In March 2020, she posted a video about a strange object in the sky over the city of Serpukhov, which drew attention to her channel. The video has collected 60 thousand views.

Tatyana Subbotina: biography

Tatyana was born in the town of Serpukhov near Moscow on July 8, 1966. We lived in a small apartment with my mother, father, grandfather and grandmother. She did not go to kindergarten for health reasons. From an early age, the girl was first assigned to a gymnastics circle, then Tanya moved to the circus direction. She spent all her childhood and youth on the stage – she participated in acrobatic tricks and other entertaining performances.

After school, Tatyana did not manage to enter the circus department due to recruitment restrictions, and the girl went to a teacher training college. After graduation, she worked in educational institutions of Serpukhov. In the late 80s, she went to the northern city of Nefteyugansk to her parents, who had previously gone there to work. We lived in a room of 13 sq.m. in the working village of Singapai. There she continued to work for some time in a local kindergarten.

After 2-3 years of teaching career, Tatyana decides to change her profile of activity to increase her well-being. She buys a ticket to Moscow and flies to the first purchase of clothes, which she begins to sell at the Nefteyugansk market. In the open air, in any weather – a young woman was engaged in street trading. One day she saw bright packages with seeds of cultivated plants in the metropolitan passage and decided to try to sell them. Things went uphill so quickly that Subbotina refused to sell clothes.

With the seeds, she left the market for the covered premises of the Tatyana grocery store, where she successfully traded in a small area. Gradually, the business expanded and grew into a large commercial company “Flora Design”. The concept of the director and owner of the organization fit into the biography of the future blogger. Subbotina opened several points around the city, where, in addition to seeds of vegetables and plants for the garden, she began to sell potted flowers and all garden paraphernalia.

Tatyana Subbotina – implementation on YouTube

In 2015, Tatyana successfully sold the business and returned to her native Serpukhov. By this time, the construction of a large country house was already being completed. A few years earlier, she founded her YouTube channel on July 13, 2011. Before retiring, Subbotina posted private travel videos – Thailand, Maldives, Dominican Republic. Later, she began to talk about her Bengal cats, give life advice and share women’s wisdom.

Tatyana Subbotina did not create her own website, as tens of thousands of users gradually subscribed to her YouTube channel. Part of the content is occupied by reviews and instructions from her professional biography – how to plant bulbs of certain plants or how to treat flowers from pests. In addition, the blogger gives useful tips on self-care, talks about losing weight, and shoots videos with recipes.

Personal life

In 1983, Subbotina married a boyfriend, Vadim, with whom she had lived in the same entrance since the 6th grade – she was on the 1st floor, he was on the 2nd. The wedding was played for love, and also because of Tatiana’s pregnancy. The registry office even had to carry a certificate from the parents about the consent to the marriage of underage newlyweds. In the same year, the son Georgy was born, and already in Nefteyugansk the second son Eduard was born. The sincere blogger lives with her husband at the time of the promotion of her channel.

Blog development now

In the spring of 2020, Tatyana’s video blog is already watched by more than 200 thousand people. During the development of the channel has become noticeably better. The author tries to follow the trends in design. But she does not change the set of topics – she continues to give viewers interesting vlogs from the kitchen, garden and country life. In April of this year, the YouTuber shared a video about seedlings, which is relevant for the season, and is also preparing the premiere of an issue on the topic “What to do in self-isolation.”