Tessica Brown biography
Birth date20 October 1981
Full nameTessica Brown
Kind of activityTikToker
Height165 cm
Weight65 kg
Marital statusin relationship
Social networks

Tessica Brown is a Tik Tok and other social media star who became famous for her dangerous stunt with glue. She scared the subscribers very much, who decided that it was time for them to attend the funeral of the blogger. The woman continues to do what she loves, although she had to go through several surgeries. Her fate is of genuine interest, because there are not many stars on TikTok who are over 40 years old.

Wiki: Biography, Age, Parents

Tessica was born in the small town of Violet, Louisiana on October 20, 1981. She lived there most of the time, got an education and started working as a school teacher. The woman says almost nothing about childhood and parents, but sometimes share photos together. She is already over 40 years old, but her parents are alive: her father is a retired military man, and her mother has been a housewife all her life.

Tessica Brown bio

Gorilla Glue in Tik Tok

A school teacher decided to change her life and become a blogger. She joined Instagram in 2014 but gained fame thanks to Tik Tok. In 2021, Tessica conducted an experiment with glue. The woman put it on her head instead of hairspray to style her hair. The adhesive proved to be very strong. All attempts to correct the situation on their own were doomed to failure.

The video of the incident quickly gained several million views. Hairdressers and doctors tried to clean the hair, but only ruined the scalp. The only plus was the huge number of views. This hype eventually helped the woman fix the situation with damaged hair.

Surgeon Michael Obeng volunteered to help a teacher who was in an awkward situation. He was able to give this story a happy ending. Perhaps the doctor took advantage of the hype for his own advertising. He managed to impress the audience.

Tessica Brown Family: Husband and Children

The teacher from Louisiana has been at the top of popularity not so long ago. She has been posting information about the family for only the past few years. Most of these posts are dedicated to her children. The woman has three daughters. The eldest of them recently began her studies at high school. The woman also has two sons.

For some unknown reason, Brown does not talk about her husband. There is no reason to believe that she is raising children alone. However, there is no information about the father of her daughters in open sources. There are only two options: the couple is divorced, or Tessica wants to keep the privacy of her husband, who is running a business or other occupation that does not fit with her activity on social networks.

Tessica Brown family

Tessica Brown Net Worth

The woman did not lose her temper, but turned a dangerous high into a new occupation. She no longer experiments with dangerous substances, but is active on Tik Tok and Instagram, where she has a huge fan base. This allowed her to start earning good money. A simple teacher cannot earn as a popular blogger. She is not a top influencer or a millionaire, but her net worth can easily reach $300,000. Every year this amount can increase by $100k.

Some sources report that the blogger is the owner of a private kindergarten Tessica’s Little Angel. If so, then this is a fairly profitable business.