For most of us, we can’t live without social media-can we? It’s a kind of addiction for us-don’t you think so? Even our perception of items and consumption has shifted as a result. Over the past 20 years, social media, celebrities, and the general marketing population have changed. We are living in a new world, thanks to the presence of Social Media. 

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As social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter have grown in popularity, influencers and celebrities can engage with their followers more. The typical internet celebrity can be more influential than businesses in previously unthinkable ways. 

So, let’s find out how social media has been a great influencer for celebrities. We will try to know as well how it has had its effect on the entertainment business. 

The rise of Influencers

What is the meaning of influence exactly? Similar to a star on a smaller, more specialized scale is an influencer. An influencer generally rises to social prominence online rather than through traditional media channels. It is because of social media that this kind of popular figure, or the influencer, has burst into the scene. They have a specific and substantial number of fans on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. However, they don’t focus on any film release or something like that. They only promote brands or products.  

Fitness enthusiasts and fashion bloggers are just two examples of diverse groups of influencers. Because of the rise of the influencers, the society of celebrities has totally transformed. In the past, celebrities were mainly performers like actors, musicians, and athletes who rose to prominence due to their abilities and accomplishments. But nowadays, many famous people are famous only for being famous.

Influencers have made, especially the younger ones, that fame can be instantly famous. Anyone can now achieve more than 15 minutes of fame. Being an influencer is a honey-coated pipe dream that anyone can attempt, but only a select few will achieve. 

Undoubtedly, because of the influencers, our perspective towards popularity and fame has changed. Even though it has resulted in criticism, the lack of depth to it has ensured that the criticism won’t last.

Influence of Social Media

Because of social media presence, the celebrity’s influence is more now than ever before. A celebrity may influence public opinion and reach millions with just one tweet or Instagram post. 

Thus, a new term has evolved, known as celebrity activism. As per this new phenomenon, many celebrities use their platform for showing their support on political and social issues.    

For instance, several celebrities supported the Black Lives Matter movement on social media following the passing of George Floyd in 2020.

It significantly increased public involvement and there was a significant rise in awareness amongst them. However, social media also had its negative impacts. Numerous celebrities have been charged with spreading false information or endorsing harmful goods and ideologies through their platforms. As a result, voices have been raised to increase regulations in social media and now there has been pressure on the celebrities to use these platforms with responsibility.  

Perfection is necessary

The demand to keep an ideal image of celebrities has increased due to social media. Celebrities are constantly scrutinized and expected to appear and act in a specific way since millions of people watch their every move. Every celebrity wants to keep their youthful looks forever, which means there has been a constant rise of beauty products. Besides, there has been a significant increase in instances of use of cosmetic surgery.  Moreover, celebrities are often criticized for body shaming because they want to achieve those beauty standards which sometimes are impossible to obtain. The pressure to maintain such standards also causes deep anxiety.

Celebrities are also concerned about how social media is negatively impacting their health due to mental stress, (there have been instances such as a few of them even making it their top priority).   


Social media’s influence on celebrity culture will probably only grow as it develops. We might witness new content creators, new categories of influences, etc in the near future. Moreover, we might see stricter regulations coming up forcing celebrities to use social media with more responsibility. Undoubtedly, social media has permanently altered the way we see fame and popularity.