Tokiko Kirihara biography
Birth date4 November 1974
Full nameTokiko Kirihara
Kind of activitywrestler
Height168 cm
Weight64 kg
Marital statussingle
Social networks

Tokiko Kirihara is a Japanese professional mixed martial artist. Participates in battles for more than 10 years and is. She is a fighter for the women’s wrestling promotion Gatoh Move.

Biography and career

Tokiko was born in Ibaraki, Japan on November 4, 1974. She practiced martial arts from a young age. Her main passion is kickboxing.

For a long time, the woman was afraid to engage in professional fights. She made her debut in 2012 at the age of 38. This did not prevent showing decent results. She proved that you need to follow your dream regardless of age.

The results of Tokiko’s fights cannot be called outstanding. But the public idolizes her. She uses her wealth of experience. The techniques that a fighter uses against opponents look impressive.

After some beautiful kickboxing and MMA fights, Tokiko decided to move on to more theatrical fights. In 2016, she tried her hand at wrestling. The first official match was lost. But the woman realized that she had found something to her liking.

The fact that Tokiko is doing what he loves has not gone unnoticed by the public. She quickly earned the nickname Sexy Tokiko. None of the wrestling fans believe that she is over 40 years old.

In 2019, the woman restarted her career. She began collaborating with Gatoh Move. There she went from a trainee to a top fighter. She participates in matches both as a solo and as a team fighter.

Personal life and leaked photos

You can learn about a person’s personal life from social networks. But the Japanese wrestler publishes training and fight footage. Sometimes you can see footage from walks in beautiful places. Tokiko does not tell the public about her husband or children. It is highly likely that she is a lonely person who devoted herself entirely to her beloved work.

Wrestling fans are wondering if Kirihara has leaked hot photos. She is firmly associated with the audience as a courageous beauty. The fighter by her behavior confirms that she is interested in work, and not in pranks or profit from sexuality. She does not maintain accounts with hot photos.

Tokiko Kirihara now

The woman continues to participate in battles. She constantly trains and holds demonstration performances with her team. You can always find video and photo reports on her Twitter. Tokiko has no plans to stop. She doesn’t even think about ending her career.