TooTurntTony biography
Birth date11 February 1997
Full nameAnthony TooTurntTony (Dawson)
Kind of activityblogger
Marital statusin relationship
Social networks

Social media star TooTurntTony (Michigan, USA) is probably one of the most popular Americans. he has everything: great looks, youth, and incredible popularity. The brown-eyed handsome man has won the public’s love with chic TikTok videos, where he has more than 17 million subscribers. The general public knows him as a charismatic blogger and duck lover who loves parties and his ranch.

Short biography: Where is TooTurntTony From?

TooTurntTony Michigan

The star was born on February 11, 1997, in Michigan, USA. At the moment he is only 25 years old, and he is already incredibly popular and loved by fans. Creating a video has been a super interesting activity for a guy since childhood, namely from 4 years old. He enrolled at University to become a true film and video pro.

Tony also became interested in the gym and bodybuilding, and this hobby gave him a luxurious muscular body. So it is not surprising that he was soon offered to become a model. The man left the modeling business, having received an offer to work in a film company, which seemed to him more tempting. His favorite pastime – shooting video – Tony did not leave. However, there was never enough time for it. When the covid 19 epidemic broke out and quarantine began, Tony decided to have fun by registering on TikTok. And it was the right decision.

Too Turnt Tony: Real Name

Star’s real name is Anthony. Friends used to call him Tony. So he supplemented his nickname with a phrase and created a bright and memorable pseudonym. Tony became famous for comedy videos. At the moment, the star is the owner of a duck ranch, and previously he successfully earned money as a model. Also, note that he has about 400,000 subscribers on Instagram. His videos put people in a good mood. So the star’s popularity is justified.

TooTurntTony Real Name

Star’s Net Worth

Now the Net Worth of TooTurntTony is over $250,000. In 2022, he achieved even greater popularity, so his income will most likely double by the end of this year.

In addition to the ability to manage social networks, Tony has real business acumen. He does not give figures for his income but shares tips on money management. He is known to be very popular among advertisers. However, if he doesn’t like the brand or the terms, he refuses to advertise the product on his social media. Such selectivity did him good. Today, each video of a star can cost more than $1,000.

TooTurntTony‘s Career

So, until the end of 2019, the famous blogger had to remain in quarantine during the Covid 19 epidemics. The model’s buisiness  was left behind. And he did his favorite thing – filming comedy videos. As a rule, his videos talk about guys and their problems. Excellent humor helps the star to create real masterpieces that instantly become popular.

The beginning of a brilliant career as a blogger began in early 2020. That’s when the man signed up for Tik Tok. The main theme of his videos was the relationship of a mother and a son. Viewers liked these videos a lot.

Once Tony received a couple of lucrative commercial offers. After that, subscribers noted that the video content became more professional.

the star does not stop there. It is known that in OnlyFans he exposes shots for an adult audience.

Bright and charismatic TooTurntTony pleases fans with a sense of humor, a luxurious trained body, and great creativity. A huge capital was earned by him due not only to talent, but also to the ability to manage money, capture the desires of the audience, and enter into lucrative contracts with advertisers. His path to success is quite worthy of emulation.

Secret Private Life

The star willingly shows his beloved relatives: mom, dad, and grandmother in his bright comedy videos. The blogger also has a sister, Maria, and a brother, Dominic, surnamed Dawson. It probably follows that Anthony has the same last name. But the star prefers to keep a photo or video with his beloved secret. Only occasionally some shots flash, but the girl’s face is always hidden. A blogger may have a girlfriend, but he is definitely not married.