Graphic tablets are a very popular tool among artists and creative people. It is commonly used by students, artists, graphic designers, photographers, and other creative people related to art. The quality of the tablet is defined by its ability to bring the outcome of the design as close to reality or the imagination of the creative as possible. They usually come with a pen-like stylus that allows the user to draw freely as if drawing with a pencil on paper. For better and a larger view, these tablets can be connected to desktop PC’s with the help of a USB cable or Bluetooth. Drawing tablets allow users to paint and edit pictures, some latest tablets have a 3D drawing option which has proved to be a fantastic tool for the new age of graphic designers. A stable internet connection like the Spectrum internet that falls under any of Spectrum One plans helps run graphic tablets smoothly without blockages. 

List of Top Graphic Tablets 

Following is the list of top graphic tablets available in the market. 

Wascom Cintiq 22

Wacom Cintiq is considered to be among the best graphic tablets available in the market. It has a sleek design but a strong exterior body with a display of 22 inches. A smaller version is also available with a 15.6” display. It is specially designed for artists and has a pen display. Its stylus is exceptional with 8192 pressure sensitivity points. Cintiq 22 offers a huge storage space and its HD display boasts an LPI resolution of 5080 portraying excellent graphic precision. It has folding legs that can be clipped neatly at the back of the tablet.

Wasco’s Cintiq can be compared to Apple’s iPad in terms of features but it may lack in the graphic departments from certain more advanced tablets, yet its big screen provides the precision that is required for detailing in the artwork. 

It has a competitive price point and is great value for money in terms of features, outlook, and size. The only flaw of Cintiq 22 is that its express key remote needs to be purchased separately as there are no in-built shortcut buttons. 

XPen Artist 15.6 Pro

XPen Artist is giving a tough challenge to Wascom in the drawing tablets category. Its price point is lower than Wascom’s and offers a wide range of features in 3 different sizes. It has eight buttons that can be used to create shortcuts to the most used features. the red dial helps navigate the screen, change the size of the brush, and zoom in/zoom out the screen which helps in detailing the drawing.

It has HD LCD with 1920*1080 pixels resolution. Its size ranges from a delicate 11.6” screen to a medium 15.6” and a massive 21.5” display. XPEN Artist comes with a stylus with a sensitivity rate of 8192 levels and a 60-degree tilt. It is packed with a stand, drawing gloves, and a pen holder. 

Although it gives good competition to Wascom in the market yet its quality is a little inferior to that of Wascom which has a stronger exterior and a better stylus. Yet it provides great value for the price charged. 

iPad Pro 12.9 

iPad Pro is one of the most popular tablets. It hosts an M1 chip which gives it an edge for editing images over other tablets. 120Hz refresher speed provides the artist freedom of drawing with an ultra-fast and responsive refresh button. It has an HD bright display and an impressive canvas size. It comes in two sizes, 12.9” and 11”. Its portability makes it stand out from its competitors as most graphic tablets require being attached to external devices. Apple Pencil 2 with its high levels of pressure sensitivity proves to be the cherry on top. 

Its operating systems are compatible with a large number of creative apps, which enables artists to use a vast range of features to draw. 

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle 

Xencelab Pen Tablet has all the qualities of a good drawing tablet along with a strong exterior and high power with a reasonable price point. But unlike other graphic tablets that have built-in displays, Xencelab requires an exterior monitor display, so its portability is subjective. It has a curved edge and the surface of the display is reasonably rough to provide a realistic drawing experience. 

It comes with two styluses with a pressure sensitivity of 8192 and an express key remote that can be used for shortcuts. The remote can be configured according to preference. Although the tablet itself is quite portable yet two extra components have to be carried along. It entails the features of a complete graphic tablet and provides a high-quality setup against its price.