Victoria Portfolio
Birth date24 January 1994
Full nameVictoria Portfolio (Bykova)
Kind of activitybloger
Marital statusmarried
Social networks

Victoria Portfolio is a YouTube blogger and businesswoman. The choice of topics influenced the popularity of the personality – reviews of the luxury life of millionaires, expensive things and social events.

Victoria Bykova “Portfolio”: biography

Victoria’s maiden name is Zolotova. Born in St. Petersburg on January 24, 1994. Until some time, in the stories of her biography, they wrote that she was the only child of her parents. But in one of the videos, she introduced her sister Yana Zolotova. The girls explained that they were the same age and Vika was only 1 year older. The issue was devoted to the review of Yana’s car – the blue Audi Q3.

Victoria Portfolio
Victoria Portfolio with sister Yana

It is known that in childhood Victoria was an obedient child, she studied excellently and graduated from school with a gold medal. Then she entered the university, which she graduated in 2009. The girl worked in the fitness field, but later decided on a business niche – style, cosmetics and beauty trends. On the official website of Wiki, women’s clothing and accessories from the brand “by VictoriaPortfolio” are sold. A distinctive feature of her line of things are cozy snoods and hats at an impressive price.

Development Instagram and YouTube Victoria Portfolio

In 2012, Victoria’s YouTube channel was launched, where she began with analysis of images, makeup and fashion trends. Gradually, the girl’s blog changed and began to review more and more prestigious aspects of her life. She called her format – luxury-lifestyle. Here, as well as on Instagram, Bykova makes live vlogs about the culture of the rich people of St. Petersburg, where the blogger lives. She talks about expensive houses, cars, restaurants and sky-high price tags for services and things.

To attract attention and an increasing number of subscribers, in 2018, Vika personally broke the windshield of her Rolls-Royce. This story hit the pages of several publics and caused a wave of indignation on the forums and in the comments under her videos. At the same time, the YouTuber announced a fundraiser for the purchase of a new car or glass replacement.

The blogger stands out with bold statements and clickbait headlines in her videos. It is not uncommon for the audience to notice discrepancies in facts between episodes – first they sell the house, then they film from it, then they rent an apartment, and then they room tour again from that house. By the way, one of the popular areas of its content is a video review of expensive cottages, penthouses and suites.

Friends of Victoria Portfolio – Olya Smirnova and others

Another type of Bykova’s vlog is dedicated to communicating with numerous invited girls. Typically, such videos must have the word “girlfriend” in the title, with whom Victoria shoots the analysis of bags, cosmetics, shopping and more. Among them are Marina, Natasha, Milan and a dozen more names. The audience has suspicions that this is a production and not all women are real friends of the blogger.

Vika’s activities receive a lot of attention on the forum, where users discuss the next release of the “luxury” influencer. Olya Smirnova is singled out here – she plays the role of a friend more often than others. In the summer of 2019, an issue was published, which tells what Olga spent more than 500 thousand rubles on. He scored 140 thousand views. Under the video, commentators note that it is pleasant to look at her, unlike other, less well-groomed, familiar bloggers.

Maxim Bykov – husband of Victoria Portfolio: how old and who works

In her student years, Vika met a guy of her own age, whom she married immediately after graduation. After 2 years of marriage, the first daughter was born, and after another 3 years, the second. The daughters’ names are Miroslava and Zlata. The full name of the spouse is Maxim Anatolyevich Bykov. The blogger’s official channel rarely describes her husband’s career biography. On Instagram, she devotes a significant amount of posting to the topic of raising children.

Victoria Portfolio
Victoria’s family

On the same portal, there were users who knew the couple while studying at the university and watched the development of their relationship. According to their reports, even in his youth, Maxim was engaged in the sale of various types of fish products. In the same direction, his professional activity has developed.