FAQ videos are the videos that answer the most commonly asked questions about a business, brand, product, or service.

Such videos can be a good addition to the FAQ page on your website, as they provide people with answers to the questions they might have. FAQ videos are not essentially a new concept.

They have been used by experience teams and customer support as they lower down the frequent answering to the customers.

FAQ videos

There are certain known benefits of FAQ videos. Nowadays, people prefer watching videos as compared to written information.

By providing your customers with the FAQ videos, you will be able to create a strong bond with them as they get easy useful information and something they can relate too easily.

FAQ videos also help in building brand loyalty. It is so because the faceless organization gets a face, and it gives a human touch to the overall experience of customers coming to your website.

Producing videos for building loyalty and trust is essential for businesses like law firms.

As a business, you need to find a face that is friendly and can explain the FAQ in the most interesting manner. They also improve SEO.

About 80% of marketers reported that FAQ videos have increased the time spent by users on their websites. This helps SEO as search engines receive a signal that your website answers the user queries effectively.

The FAQ videos also help in reducing support calls and increase customer satisfaction. This helps free your support staff and dedicate their efforts to other important works.

The customers are able to resolve their issues by watching the FAQ videos rather than calling every time they encounter an issue with your products or services.

How to create an FAQ video?

To begin with, you need to find the most frequently asked questions. You need to create FAQ videos that people want or need relating to their queries regarding your business.

This is the first and foremost step and for this purpose, you need to do detailed research as to what are the most common issues that your customers are actually experiencing.

This means you need to think about everything from the customer’s point of view. The best way to do this is to talk with your support team as to what are the most common or frequently asked questions by the customers.

Another good tip is to develop forms and send those to customers for a survey. This could be done simply by using Google Forms, which is a free tool for this purpose.

The second step is to write a clear script because without a script video cannot be produced. The FAQ videos must lay out all that a user or viewer wishes to know about.

Also, this must be done easily so that your target audience can understand it in a simple way. You need to give good time in writing the script.

The third step relates to which deciding the type of video. There are different forms of FAQ videos, but you must choose one based on your business, especially what will work best for it.

It can be a person explaining everything in the videos, and it can also be the close-up of products and giving instructions in the video. You need to decide what will work best for you.

The next step is to find the best landing page for the FAQ videos on your website. It must be easy to find out for the customers browsing your site online.

You should also track the success rate of your FAQ videos and upgrade them as per the experience of customers. You can ask customers to review how much the videos have helped them get the answers they were looking for.

Why you should produce FAQ videos?

There are many benefits of producing FAQ videos. It saves your time as customers do not require to contact you individually every time they have a question regarding your business, product, or service.

The videos help them understand everything in a better way. It also helps in building relationships with the customer as you can guide them effectively and not depend upon support staff to do so.

FAQ videos also help to establish you as an expert in your industry. It is a great chance to share useful information with the audience of your choice.

The FAQ videos also help your site navigation and improve your search engine listings as you are able to produce good, relevant content.

The information shared in the form of FAQ videos help your customers take an informed decision and highlight key information.