In 2016, four young Korean girls broke into the world charts with the song Whistle. Since then, this hit has received more than 800 million views on YouTube, fans have been able to enjoy six albums, dozens of videos and hundreds of concerts. This did not bring them any closer to answering the question of who is the leader of the group and leads others. If we delve into the analysis of the amount of screen and vocal time of each girl, we can come to very interesting and unexpected conclusions. But the truth about the main singer is only in this article.

Blackpink Leader: Name of the Frontwoman

Behind the incredible success of the K-pop collective is the production company YG Entertainment. These are businessmen who make musical projects and benefit from it (we are talking about huge money). This is not the first nor the last of their group. If we consider Blackpink as a grand project, then its leader is the YG Entertainment team and, in particular, the composer and producer Teddy Park. Fans rarely look behind the scenes and see the group’s activities as part of big business.

Blackpink Leader

Blackpink, as a result of production decisions, did not initially imply the existence of a leader (frontwoman). Each participant is assigned a certain stage role. For this reason, the group does not have an official number one female singer. However, any team in the process of work develops internal relationships and hierarchy. This is due to the fact that girls have different characters and talents.

In their interviews, the members of the Korean group have repeatedly stated that they do not have a leader. They couldn’t make other statements as it’s a strict policy of the producers. However, the girls hinted that in their small team they always treat Jisoo with special respect. She is the oldest member of Blackpink. The talented girl has the greatest life and stage experience, which she shares with her colleagues. They don’t have a boss-subordinate relationship, but Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa turn to Jisoo for advice or support in difficult moments.

Jennie also plays a very important role. This group began with her, because it was her who was the first to be invited to this project. She deservedly can claim to be the most authoritative Blackpink singer.

Leader of Blackpink: Who Is the Main Soloist in 2022

The relationship of the singers outside the stage is not always accurately reflected in the work. Rosé and Lisa are not usually seen as leading the group. However, without them, the dance part of the show would have disappeared. They are undoubted dance leaders.

Leader of Blackpink

Jennie receives the most attention from the public in Blackpink. She is the brightest girl with extravagant costumes and the largest share of the sung lyrics. This is a tricky YG policy. They can’t give all the girls the same screen time. The role of the leader of social networks and search queries went to Jennie. In 2022, the situation remains unchanged. She was the only one to get a solo song. The producers’ bias towards this girl becomes even more obvious. If she is not a leader, then definitely the main soloist.

Paradoxically, even in 2022, the real behind-the-scenes leader Jisoo remains a silent observer in most interviews. She gets less text than Jennie. But without her experience and respect from other girls, warm relations in the team would hardly be possible.

What can be the conclusion? The group has no official leader. This is a given that needs to be dealt with. The situation will not change. But unofficially, the leading positions are occupied by Jisoo and Jennie.